• UCL Bartlett RC5 Robotics Workshop March 2013 Low Res-1k


  • Nexorade and Reciprocal Structures
    Workshop | March 4-8, 2013
    Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

    A workshop by Eng. Lucia Mondardini & Arch. Eng. Martina Presepi (ENSAPM GSA, directed by Maurizio Brocato), with Thibault Schwartz & Tristan Gobin

    GAD Research Cluster 5

    Philippe Morel & Thibault Schwartz

    In 2012-2013, RC5 was organizing a series of workshops and Masterclasses dedicated to Robotics, Mathematics & Computation as well as Structural Engineering. The series aimed to bring to Bartlett students innovative and operative knowledge relevant for their own works and allowing them to address contemporary developments in technology and science for architecture.

    The third workshop, Nexorade and Reciprocal Structures, focused on the design and the production of a full-scale Abeille vault in EPS, and allowed the students to have a better understanding of the relationship between design and fabrication constraints. This prototype was obtained via a mixed workflow based on Mathematica (model developed by Maurizio Brocato & Lucia Mondardini), converted via Grasshopper to a HAL fabrication model (developed by myself).

    Link to publication (2014).

  • AbeilleVault_Production_GHk

Stitched Panorama