P9 – Automated FoamDome #1 (ENSAPM 2011)

During this 5th Year 1st Semester project, I decided to implement and test some robot control features in Grasshopper (cf. the HAL Robot Programming and Control page) to begin to produce large scale prototypes.




Optimization of the geometry of a parabolic shell to be produced using 6-axis hotwire cutting

Voute ++ BBoxes

  • Nesting of the parts to be produced in standard insulation foam panels


  • Preview of the first 3 steps of the process

ThibaultSchwartz_AutomatedFoamDome_04 ThibaultSchwartz_AutomatedFoamDome_05 ThibaultSchwartz_AutomatedFoamDome_06

  • Toolpath generation and simulation

    Robot 1

  • Preview of the software interface

  • Cutting Process

Final pavilion

Dimensions (m): W=1.6, L=2.4, H=2.7